Ciao a tutti! My name is Alexia and I’ve just moved from Toronto, Canada to the renaissance dream known as Firenze for 3 months. During my time here I am working as the British Insitute’s social media intern and have the pleasure of studying Italian with them. Welcome to my little blog “Da Firenze, Con Amore.” The title is inspired by my love affair with the city of Florence. Even writing “from Florence, with love” sounds so much better in Italian, of course.

My posts on my blog are going to be compiled as little love letters to you, dear reader, about my time in Florence and Italy, along with discoveries about the language, food and other adventures. I will also be documenting my time on my YouTube channel if you’d like to have a look at that, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for coming along for the ride! Xx

You can also find me on my personal website here